Bobby Crayton
In 1975, after finishing a course at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, Bobby began making clothes for his wife
and friends.  Meeting a leather craftsman in 1977 and becoming fascinated with the process, he learned all he could,
bought a heavy duty Singer sewing machine, and started Asiko Leather & Crafts.  Meaning ‘timeless’ in Nigerian,
Asiko reflects Bobby’s wish that while fashions may come and go, his work will remain in style. You can view his
work in our
Leather and Fiber Arts showcase

Thankful for his creativity, Bobby credits God as giver of the gift. His philosophy is that we should not just look at
what we can see right now and the troubles all around us, but instead look forward to the joy we have not yet seen.
You can reach Bobby at or call him at 617-479-9994