LKR - by the water
Flower with 'woven' background
Leaves = Approx. 3
Woven enso
Pierced spiral gong
Riveted textured copper hanging
Lincoln K Read
Lincoln has been making things since he was 5 years old, when he asked his father for some wood "to make a boat that
floats".  For many years he made molds and models for commemorative and scholastic objects and studied sculpture, coin,
and jewelry design.  He has made country furniture, sculpture in wood, metal, and stone, turned wood and designed
graphics.  All have been strongly influenced by his love of nature, Asian art, history, and search for beauty and spirit in
daily life.  His craft is, for him, part of the meditation in which he seeks oneness with material, beauty, and with all beings.

You can see his work in our
Metal and Wood Sculpture and spinning tops showcases. You can also view more of his
work on his site at
MindfulArtisans or write to him here at