Sharon D. Armour
Sharon has been creating visual arts most of her life.  In adulthood she has been torn between a career in science and the
creative arts.  She is constantly seeking balance between her analytical and spiritual sides in her creations.  Her efforts have
included technology, graphic design, horticulture/gardening, photography, and other 2D and 3D arts and crafts.

You can see her work in our
jewelry, recycled bags and purses spinning tops and clay sculpture and photography
showcases. You can also view more of her works on her site at
SDAdesigns or write to her here at
SDA - green, cream beading $45
Of the Coeur
dressed or beaded  tops range from 1-3', $14-20
painted tops range from 1-3', $8-18
dressed or beaded  tops range from 1-3', $14-20
Clay Face Sculpture
Spinning tops - and other woodwork
Recycled material purses and bags