Come Visit Us!!
By its very nature as a collaborative of artists we do not have a central location for our studios or a store that is open
to the public. We would love have you feel as well as see our work up close and personal, and we are always
looking for feedback.  Salamander Arts and our individual artists frequently vend and show their work at a variety of
venues.  We try and keep a current listing of scheduled events but apologize as it may not include all events by all
artists.  We encourage you to contact us or the artist by email if you would like to follow up.
Hyde Park
Art Scene
Logan Square, Hyde Park, MA
July , 2012
Hyde Park Open Studios
Menino Art Center
26 Central Ave, Hyde Park, MA
September 30, 2012
Roxbury Open Studios
Hibernian Hall,
Dudley Square, Boston
October 6-7 2012
Dorchester Open Studios
First Parish Church,
10 Parish St., Dorchester, MA
October 20-21, 2012
Union Square Winter Craft
Pricenct Cub, Union Sq., Somerville, MA
December 1, 2012
Roxbury Holiday Pop Up Store
2201 Washington Street
Dudley Sq, Boston, MA
December 7-10, 2012
December 14-17, 2012
JP Holiday Crafts Fair
Footlight Club - Eliot Hall,
7A Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain, MA
December 22, 2012