Artist Profiles
Sharon D. Armour
Sharon has been creating visual arts most of her life.  In adulthood she has been torn between a career in
science and the creative arts.  She is constantly seeking balance between her analytical and spiritual sides in her
creations.  Her efforts have included technology, graphic design, horticulture/gardening, photography, and
other two and three dimensional arts and crafts.

You can see her work in our
jewelry, woodwork and sculpture and photography showcases. You can also
view more of her works on her site at
SDAdesigns or write to her here at
Lincoln K Read
Lincoln has been making things since he was 5 years old, when he asked his father for some wood "to make
a boat that floats".  For many years he made molds and models for commemorative and scholastic objects
and studied sculpture, coin, and jewelry design.  He has made country furniture, sculpture in wood, metal,
and stone, turned wood and designed graphics.  All have been strongly influenced by his love of nature, Asian
art, history, and search for beauty and spirit in daily life.  His craft is, for him, part of the meditation in which
he seeks oneness with material, beauty, and with all beings.

You can see his work in our
sculpture and woodwork showcases. You can also view more of his work on
his site at
MindfulArtisans or write to him here at
Bobby Crayton
In 1975, after finishing a course at the School of Fashion Design in Boston, Bobby began making clothes for
his wife and friends.  Meeting a leather craftsman in 1977 and becoming fascinated with the process, he
learned all he could, bought a heavy duty Singer sewing machine, and started Asiko Leather & Crafts.  
Meaning ‘timeless’ in Nigerian, Asiko reflects Bobby’s wish that while fashions may come and go, his work
will remain in style. You can view his work in our
Leather and Fiber Arts showcase

Thankful for his creativity, Bobby credits God as giver of the gift. His philosophy is that we should not just
look at what we can see right now and the troubles all around us, but instead look forward to the joy we
have not yet seen.You can reach Bobby at or call him at 617-479-9994
Sylvia makes jewelry including hammered, brazed copper pendants, lamp-worked glass beads and
and engraves or stamps words on copper to produce small pins. She also makes photos, small
mostly. Her latest work has been collages of various magazine images. She uses beach stones and
sometimes other fond objects and can do custom inclusion in pieces.
You can reach Sylvia at
Sylvia deMurias